Thursday, August 02, 2007

Customizing Your "New" Dialog

The LabVIEW File>>New dialog lets you create new VIs, controls, libraries, projects, etc. It also has a section that lets you create new VIs from templates. Did you know you can customize the templates in this dialog?

In your LabVIEW folder on disk (wherever your LabVIEW.exe is located), you have a templates folder. The contents of this folder are reflected in the New File dialog. You can delete or modify the templates that ship with LabVIEW. You can add your own VIs, templates, and folders.

Templates are a great way to save time if you find yourself performing the same edits every time you create a new, blank VI. Do you always set a certain connector pane? Always drop an error input control and error output indicator? Next time, save a copy into your templates folder, and you can start from that VI instead of blank VI in the future, and save yourself some time.


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