Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A New Blog about LabVIEW OO

If you're looking for information about LabVIEW object-oriented programming from someone other than an NI employee, you might be interested in a new blog by Tomi Maila: EXPRESSIONFLOW. He promises to concentrate on "using of modern programming concepts in the framework of visual programming and LabVIEW."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi i need to validate a string in lab view that it should not contain any special character like !,@,# etc is there any VI available

7:10 AM, August 01, 2008  
Blogger Christina said...

It depends what exactly you're trying to do. Moore Good Ideas, Inc. offers a library of free VIs that includes MGI_Make String Filesafe which might do what you want. You could also simply loop through the string one character at a time and compare against your set of special characters. Or try to do what you need with regular expressions.

11:34 AM, August 01, 2008  
Blogger AKBAR said...

Recently i am working with anritsu MS2026A with Labview. can anyone help me how can i design it as power generator bu using labview? please mail me in this address

2:12 PM, October 27, 2008  
Blogger Christina said...

Hi AKBAR, you should post your question on NI's forums ( or LAVA ( Those are monitored by many knowledgeable people who might be able to help you.

1:53 PM, October 31, 2008  
Blogger xmlvoop said...

Hola te comparto mi link para que me visites

Este es mi desarollo de XML para LabVIEW con LvOOP

9:02 AM, November 06, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

is it the same as XML

6:54 PM, January 06, 2009  

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